Financial Information

Fastbase Inc. listing on
London Stock Exchange

Fastbase is ​soon ​closing the reservation of IPO prior to the listing of the company. Fastbase is at the moment undergoing a corporate transaction with some external partners which have a positive impact on the business and the listing will therefor be postponed until such is completed and audited financials for Q2 are present.

Any questions from shareholders regarding delivery of share certificates etc. are to be addressed to

Best regards, Rasmus Refer, Fastbase Investor Relations Phone + 45 20 300 606 Software designed for Google Analytics.

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Fastbase, Inc. has undertaken rapid growth and count more than 800,000 companies and top brands using Fastbase, Inc.'s web analytics software to generate leads within the B2B industry. Fastbase Inc., incorporated in January 2015, is currently in the process of to be listed on the London Stock Exchange as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. Read full article in Businessinsider